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The insane Bugatti Bolide hypercar is going into production



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Crazy Both Bugatti Hypercar will be produced

Bugatti will build 40 monsters these days.

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Steven Ewing.

August 13, 2021 11:35 Public PT

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 Bugatti Bolide.

This will be real.


Hey, remember Bolide? You know, hypercar Bugatti is ridiculous, 1,824-tower revealed last year? The original Bolida is no more than a one-time experiment, but it seems it produces enough buzz that Bugatti decides to build a few more. That’s right, children – Bolide enters production.

“Following his presentation, a large number of fans and collectors asked us to develop experimental bacide as a production vehicle,” said Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann in a statement on Friday. “Our team has now developed a production model – the pamungkas driving machine for tracks.”

Bolide is about packing amazing power in a lightweight package. At the core of the car is a W16 quad-turbo 8.0 liter bugatti engine, producing 1,577 horsepower. It was not 1,824 cellphones promised by the original Bolide, but Bugatti said that higher output “achieved among others thanks 110 octane racing fuel.” For production cars, “Bugatti chose 98 Ron gas available throughout the world.” Complete that strength is an impressive 1,180 pound foot torque.

Considering the machine will star in a car that is estimated to have a weight of only below 3,200 pounds, a bunchide will become an absolute speed demon. Bugatti said Bolide was being developed in accordance with the International FIA safety standards. “Safety features include the compatibility of the Hans system, automatic fire blackout system, refueling of pressure with a fuel bladder, central wheel locking and a six-point seat belt system,” said the company.

Bugatti will build 40 bolida in total, all prices of around 4 million euros (around $ 4.7 million based on current exchange rates). The company said the stick “will be taken to maturity production” over the next few years, with the first shipping scheduled 2024.

Bugatti Hypercar Bolide will come true soon



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