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The caravan of immigrants to the United States is ready to pass through Mexico.



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 Thousands of Venezuelan immigrants and refugees began applying for temporary visas to Mexico as they prepared to continue their journey to the United States.

They set up a makeshift camp on a basketball court in the southern Mexican town of Huixtla, from where they began their journey near the Guatemalan border.

Luis Garcیاa Vlagran, the coordinator of the Human Dignity Center NGO accompanying the convoy, said immigration officials in Huxtla gradually began processing temporary visas for immigrants and refugees, which led to 30-day deportation to Mexico. Will be able to stay without fear.


A Mexican government official confirmed to AFP that visas were being issued on humanitarian grounds, but Garcia said the process was slow.

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“We’re going to the northern border! We’re going with the permit, without the permit, with the buses, without the buses, even though they want to,” said Garcia Villagrane.

Huixtla has become a barrier to undocumented immigrants from Central America, overwhelming the national immigration center there.



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