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Tattoos gone wrong: TikToker goes viral over “leaking” ink session



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Leah Jones gave her TikTok followers a detailed look at a session gone wrong.

Not every tattoo experience is the same, and one TikToker is showing her followers just how important it is to not only pick the right artist – but also the right ink for your skin.

In a video that’s garnered 25 million views, TikTok user Leah Jones gave tattoo fanatics a front row seat to her tattoo session from hell.

“Decided to brave a tattoo on my arm,” Jones wrote in the on-screen text over a photo of the freshly finished ink, which looked pretty good. But the following “day after” pics showed her ink session turned out to be anything but OK

In a series of snaps, Jones debuted her new ink crusting over in a lumpy, cringeworthy, and totally abnormal way. Not only that, but her arm started breaking out in a rash: “[It] started leaking so [I] sent pics to my doctor.”

The doc hooked Jones up with some antibiotics that seemed to help her skin’s reaction to the ink.

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Yet, in an update on her bubbly predicament, Jones shared that while her tattoo was healing from its catastrophic state, she still has concerns.


Learning from less-than-ideal tattoo sessions

In her update, Jones said, “It looks pretty faded to me … People are saying to me ‘it’s just healing,’ but I do think it looks faded.”

“I guess it could be worse, it still looks pretty,” Jones added, and one TikToker chimed in with advice: “It’ll need a touch up. But give it a couple of months. And ask the tattooist to use a different brand of ink.”

Let this be your reminder that not all ink meshes well with your skin. If you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo with an ufamiliar artist – do some research first




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