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Super Dave Christon Gray lyrics



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Super Dave Lyrics

[Verse 1: Christon Gray]
[Baby Girl) What you want, and what you need from me
(Baby Girl) I won’t waste your time, I’ll satisfy
(Baby Girl) Take all your fears put on beliefs, Oh
(Baby Girl) Don’t mistake me for yo’ last man

[Bridge: Christon Gray]
Open up baby
Your scars are safe here with me
But I can’t keep chasing a heart that don’t wanna be caught
Maybe I’m crazy
Cause I was just starting to believe
There was hope for you and me

[Hook: Christon Gray]
Just let go, baby
Take my heart out for a drive
Girl let’s ride, here together it feels right
I got control baby
You can ride, me tonight, tonight

[Hook 2: Christon Gray]
Guards down now we’re rolling
Sit back, I’ll take it slow and
There’s danger in the road ahead
I’ll get you there, I’ll get you there

[Verse 2: Christon Gray]
(Baby Girl) All I can do is just be honest
(Baby Girl) Love takes more trust than it takes logic
(Baby Girl) Don’t string me along with broken promises
(Baby Girl) Tell me what it is

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[Hook 2]


Genius Annotation

“Super Dave” represents the common story of a man rescuing a woman from her troubled past. The conversation is centered on his ability to do for her and her ability to trust him; for, he doesn’t want to work in vain.

Furthermore, in the late 20th century comedic figure Super Dave was known to be the “World’s Greatest Daredevil Stuntman”. He was in fact possibly the worst due to his extremely low success rate. Yet, like Gray in this song, Super Dave was very optimistic and hopeful for success




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