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Promoting the fitness of ‘whole athletes’ at the Institute for Sports Medicine



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 The institute is currently working to establish a patient registry to collect results data. This will help the institute practitioners and researchers to ensure that they are using best practices for their patients.

“We hope that the Institute for Sports Medicine will become a hub for people in Connecticut so that they can come to their care and return to the sport as safely and effectively as possible. My role. Research is moving forward, “says Burland.

Burland’s own research program studies the restoration of neuromuscular function and psychological factors that influence outcomes after ACL reconstruction. She is particularly interested in the often studied psychological aspects of recovery.

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Recovering from a sports injury such as an ACL tear involves both physical and mental rehabilitation.

Burland says it is important to consider the “whole player’s” point of view when determining the best way to help a player return to the game and ensure his long-term fitness.



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