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Nollywood Filmmaker, Otu Njama, Is Dead



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Filmmaker Otu Njama passed away just two days after movie director Biyi Bandele. The 30-year-old filmmaker reportedly passed away on Tuesday, August 9.

He was allegedly discovered dead in his residence in First Unity Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos State.

Otu Njama visited his doctor, who informed him of his high blood pressure, which was about 200 before he passed away from high blood pressure.

According to reports, he attended his bar in the neighborhood against his doctor’s advice to rest.

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He ate his supper, went home after meeting his employees, and begged that no one bothered him. His body was found in his house many hours later.

Otu Njama joined Nollywood in grieving Biyi Bandele, who passed away on Sunday, which is shocking.



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