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frankynl Billions – Pay My Bills(Mp3download)



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Matinonews music , news , videos , sports
frankynl Billions – Pay My Bills(Mp3download)

Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter, Franklyn Billions (actual name Franklyn Oke), is seeking to make a triumphant return to the music industry.

His eagerly awaited new song, ‘Paying My Bills’ is now out and accessible across all digital platforms.

Franklyn Billions is a native of Warri, in the south-south region of Nigeria.

As a result of growing up in a highly diversified society with numerous social and pop culture influences, his early inspirations formed the catalyst for his tremendous passion for hip-hop and Afrobeat music, which is reflected in the type of music he creates.


The song ‘Paying My Bills’ portrays the mindset of a hustler who is self-driven to succeed and accepts daily obligations as they come.

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Be on the lookout for Franklyn Billions’s place in the music industry as he vows to release more blockbuster tunes and show the world what he is capable of.

His previous single titled ‘Collect’ featured Freshbill and Soft.

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