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Man catches fish with human-like teeth, eats it says ‘it is delicious’



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 An American citizen caught a fish with human-like teeth in North Carolina, and the Internet has gone gaga over it.

The fish is known as a Sheepshead fish, which has several rows of molars for crushing prey.People have doubted the image and said it has been photoshoped; but the sheepshead fish has existed for a long time. It is commonly found in North and South American waters.

Social media quickly reacted to the images.

Facebook user Kell Prather wrote, “Wonder if they have toothaches😖”

Linda Stappershoef said, “Will be difficult without brushing hands teeth before bed.”

Danzig Panzer said, “ACTUALLY… It looks like my uncle Phil with cotton mouth… After too many beers and too much talking.”

Orkun Movic said, “His teeth look better than mine.”

This is not the first time such a weird fish was caught.

In 2020, a fisherman in Malaysia found a fish that resembles a human face that surprised millions on social media platforms.

A photo of the fish, which was shared on Facebook this week by Jennette’s Pier; received many comments expressing wondering of the teeth shape.

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The fish appears to have been given its name due to its mouth looking like the mouth of a sheep.

It looked like the fish is having incisors on the upper and lower jaws.

However, the fish was later eaten. And it is said to be delicious.

A combo image shows the triggerfish.

According to local media, the picture appeared on Twitter of a fish with “human mouth.”

The picture shows a fish with teeth, lips and gums, almost identical to humans, and resembling a human face.

Local media in Malaysia said that the new fish is called “triggerfish.”

This type of fish is known to be very aggressive; but some fishermen are looking for it because it is required for aquarium fish, because of its bright colours.

A representative of the World Wildlife Fund said that triggerfish are spread in the area between the Seychelles and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Malaysia .



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