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Lamborghini Counts LPI 800-4 Unveiled: This wedge is a hybrid



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Lamborghini Counts LPI 800-4 Unveiled: This wedge is a hybrid

Lamborghini reboots one of the most iconic supercars of all time. However, this time, it packs electrification.

 Stevens headshot team.

Stevens team

August 14, 2021 10:30 a.m. PT


– 02:39.

 Lamborghini Counts LPI 800-4

It’s back.


In my eyes, Supercar is not a supercar if it does not have an icon attendance element to match its performance, and it is difficult to argue that among the rare types of cars, the shape stands in or near the top. Green 18th in 2021 Pebble Beach Concours will be filled with valuable examples of this type because Lamborghini celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the car, and now there will be one more with a new LPI Counth 800-4.

Actually there will be 112 more, because that’s how many new lamborghini shape models will build, respect for the original LP112 file name. Everything is respect, as you know from the photographs of the press, with a clear style of the previous type of Counter, before being dragged by a large wing and a spoon that the supercar bet was sued at the end of the epic car 26-year running.

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Lamborghini Counts LPI 800-4

It must still be a wedge


Thus this new reflection is actually a little home to the Lamborghini standard. The car lines are simple and clean, cut-out corners for wheels and giants, intake door contrast may be the most clear throw to the original, even though the horizontal line is simple nose is also familiar – if it is rather pampered by moving the headlights up and back. The rear kaper down in a single, clean, pure sweeper by a large wing but clearly swung the serious diffuser below.

And under the skin? It is a hybrid, believe it or not, replying V12 6.5 liters of familiar companies and pairing it with the same 48-volt electric motor that we see in Lamborghini Sian. No, this is not the hybrid system the next gene Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann has told me about again and again. Assessed at 34 horsepower, the electrical system here is almost not a footnote compared to 770 bangs provided by the V12, but it is an encouraging sign that Lamborghini wants to make this configuration mainstream. Combined, this system offers 803 horsepower through the four wheels and it is enough to get goods from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds which are swift. The highest speed is 221 mph.


borghini Counts LPI 800-4


Other Wizardry Tech in New Counth includes dimming, glass roof photos and 3D-printed components, plus an 8.4-inch infotainment system that has a designated presentation mode to teach a history of the model. I’m sure it won’t be old. At least there, Apple Carplay.

The initial reactio

n to the car polarized for the least. I will let you decide whether this respect is heavenly or terrible, but if you are wondering how much it costs, Lamborghini does not have a final price in the US dollar in the publication, but say it will enter the ballpark sian. For reference, Sian is appreciated somewhere north of $ 3 million and they are all sold in an instant. The company built twice as many examples from new Counth, but of course still not enough. They are all sold. Lucky owners will receive shipping next year.




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