In the USA Track and Field 10,000m Champs, a 10 year wait and a journey and fall

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Olympians Krisa Schweizer and Joe Klicker won the US 10,000m title to secure a place in the World Track and Field Championship team, but what happened behind them caused a stir in Eugene, Oregon on Friday night.


Schweizer ranked 12th in the Tokyo Games, beating Alicia Monson in the final 200m to win the women’s race at 30: 49.56. In October, Schweizer, still on her way back from Achilles surgery, was just 1.57 seconds away from her personal best performance.

In July, Monson, who finished 13th at the Olympics, also fell 1.53 seconds behind Eugene to finish second in the world team.


The third and final place went to 31-year-old Natasha Rogers, who made her first national team on the track. In 2012, Rogers finished second in the 10,000 meters at the Olympic Trials but did not have the timeline to join the team.


Rogers had to fight to the end. She surpassed Emily Anfield, who won the 2015 World Bronze Medal for her first national team in 2017.

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“I was terrified, like, five yards away. It almost got me there. Just my head, I was like, no, it’s mine today. So I managed to dig a little deeper, barely.” Rogers said. “It’s been a lot of heartaches, of failure, of losing sustenance at one point in time, and of being back.”





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