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HEADIES: Oxlade Doesn’t Deserve ‘Best Male Vocal Performance’ – Ric Hassani Was Robbed!



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Last night, Nigerian singer, Oxlade was awarded, Best Male Vocal Performance at the Headies 2022 awards in Atlanta.

Brymo’s Méjì Méjì, Ric Hassani’s “When I’m Gone“, Johnny Drille’s “loving is harder” and Tay Iwar’s PEAKING were nominated alongside Oxlade’s Ojuju.

Oxlade beat them to bag the award. This has caused great controversy on social media as many believe Ric Hassani deserved the win.

One Bismark Benson took to Facebook to opine that Ric’s When I’m Gone is far more vocally powerful than Oxlade’s Ojuju.

Read his post below:

On what planet does Oxlade’s Ojuju win ‘Best Male Vocal Performance’ over Ric Hassani’s When I’m Gone?
I’m lost. The Headies, why?
Ojuju is a nice jam. Oxlade did his thing on it.
But talking about vocal dexterity and enunciation skills, I think Ric was the man for the prize.
It’s okay Ric Hassani. We know you were robbed and unappreciated, as usual.
Apparently, Oxlade won because his song did more numbers than the rest in the category (Johnny Drille, Brymo, Tay Iwar) as that’s the qualifying factor for most awards these days.
Nevertheless Ric, we heard what you did on that song and felt it.
Tell us,

Do you think Ric Hassani deserves the award more than Oxlade? – Let’s Talk

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.


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