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Facebook revealed the most viewed posts were Inane’s question, not politics



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 Facebook revealed the most viewed posts were Inane’s question, not politics

After being accused of spreading right-wing content, Facebook has revealed that the most post views includes asking whether the sugar runs with spaghetti.

His first report on the contents of news feeds in the United States focused on how many people saw the post rather than other measurements.

This shows a promising word search to reveal “your reality” is the most popular post for three months in 2021.

Post the same question with a giant text formed most of the top 20.

“Please finish this debate, does sugar enter spaghetti?” Placed fourth, with 58.6 million views – and 3.8 million arguments in comments.

Facebook posts show word search

Picture of Sourcefacebook

Caption images of Facebook posts that are the longest visible in the US between April and June are the search for the word “Personality”

“I’m old but I look young challenge. Drop pic 30-ups” up to high seconds. Nearly five million people are obliged.

But you could say the Facebook page “typical mother” came out above, as the only one with two posts in the top 20: “Date you by naming one concert that you have attended” and “What happens in your head when you add 28 plus 47 ? “

Facebook noted that “some of the top 20 posts can contain low-quality content”.

Change the rules

This report seeks to withdraw the difference between what is most visible, detailed in this report, and what is involved with most through likes, comments, and shares.

It functions as a counterpoint for data collected with crowdtangle, Facebook engagement measuring instrument, which shows that political content that leaned was completely dominant on Facebook, a widely reported alleged last year.

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Facebook has deliberately pushed back the idea, saying that only 6% of the content seen by users is political.

Facebook and academics rowing on data access

Facebook to stop recommending political groups

In November post on this problem, it focuses on “reach” links and posts, instead of involvement, which dramatically changes what is “the most popular”.

This new report both focuses on the most visible content than other metrics, and the list produced consists of harmless posts.

It looked at the content between April and June, and only examined the US. It also throws the view from the paid ad to “Boost” a post, said Facebook.

So many content posted to Facebook which is added together, the top 20 posts still only contribute “less than one tenth of all the views of US content”, said social networking.

Football and CBD.

Two famous posts because substantially different from the remaining 20 – posts by Joe Biden, 100 days to his president, where he wrote that “America returned to his track” (number six), and video from a 5-minute craft on how to build a small paddle pool ( number 10).

While most of the top posts seem to be a post of questions pursuing interest, not everything in the report pointing in that direction.

Facebook has, for example, argues that it encourages substantial traffic to news organizations, although there are relations that sometimes occur between publishers and technology giants in recent years.

While YouTube, Amazon, and Children’s Charity UNICEF are the top three sites that are most viewed through the link, five large organizations – ABC News, Daily Mail, NBC News, CNN, and CBS News – make it into the top 20 domains.

The most visible link varies more.

The most viewed single is for an unclear American football team site. Next, the list is the CBD seller – marijuana extract, while Christian clothing companies and local Virginia radio stations are also shown.




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