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Afghanistan: Will the Taliban fingerprint data be targeted?



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 Afghanistan: Will the Taliban fingerprint data be targeted?

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A US soldier collects biometric information from a villager

biometric information from a village population in 2012

“We will go to the village and register people into this biometric data system,” US operating command of US Veteran Peter Kiernan remembers.

“You have a six-inch device as wide as six inches. It will scan their fingerprints, it will scan their retina, it will also take their photos.”

It’s a busy week for Mr. Kiernan. In Afghanistan, he is responsible for 12 local translators. Some are still in the country when we talk, and he tries to help them leave.

For those who work with US troops, go is a matter of urgency.

A recently seen UN document by the BBC said the Taliban intensified their hunting for people who worked, and collaborated with, NATO and US Army.

And biometric data giant shops collected by the US military and the Afghan government can, some argue, pose a risk for those who face retaliation.

Brian Dooley, a senior advisor to the first human rights activist group, said the BBC technology tent podcast that while very little definitively known, “a very educated guess will say that [Taliban] has or will get the hands of a large number of biometric data”.

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Using a handheld device called Hiide (handheld interagement identity detection equipment), a soldier like Mr Kiernan will add the details of the Afghans to the US biometric store.

He said it was useful in identifying bomb makers, while it was also used to confirm the identity of contractors and locals who worked with the US military.

The original military ambition is to cover 80% of the population (25 million people) on the system, even though the actual number achieved is considered lacking.


Fingerprint read on a voting station

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Image Sourgetty images.

Image Captionta Fingerprint is read at a voting station in 2019

On Tuesday, the Intersep news site said the military sources had said that some hiide devices had fallen into the hands of the Taliban, while Reuters reported a resident of Kabul who said the Taliban made home-to-home inspections using “biometric machines” using “biometric machines” .

A Afghan official told residents of the biometric infrastructure newscients now in the hands of the Taliban.

Mr Kiernan thought it was possible that the Taliban had access to several coalition biometric data, but it was uncertain whether they would have technical knowledge to exploit it.

And journalists and authors of Annie Jacobsen, who have examined military biometric, thinking it is impossible for the Taliban to be able to access a large number of data collected by the coalition, even if it has a hididine machine.

He added that no data distributed in large quantities with Afghan partners, in the case of “some corrupt officials” will give a tip that might occur criminals.

Data from hiide devices is not stored in Afghanistan, but in the automatic Pentagon biometric identification system, called MS Jacobsen as a “system system” because of its complexity.

He feels that at the practical level, social media may be a source of information that is easier for the Taliban.

The BBC has requested the Commentary of the US Department of Defense.

Civil data

The Afghan government has also used biometrics.

National statistics and Afghan information authorities have processed more than six million applications for e-tazkira biometric identity cards, which cover fingerprints, iris scans, and photos.

Biometric, including facial recognition, is also used to check voter registration in the 2019 election.

The country even launched a list of businesses and plans to collect biometric data from students in madrasas.

In 2016, Afghan announcer



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