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A 20 year old woman from Eastern Cape gave birth to 80 year old baby girl



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A 20 year old woman from astern Cape gave birth to 80 year old baby girL

South Africa is in shock and the middle is still crazy about the birthday of the girl who left people in shock and disbelief on social media.

Libode community in Eastern Cape is still busy before a 20-year-old girl gave birth to an 80-year-old baby girl, this baby is still 80 months old in the world but still looks Young.

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It is reported that this is the second child born with this kind of this disease called Progeria which is a rare disease found here in Africa. the first one affected by this condition is found in Ontlametsi Phalatsi.

This disease goes with Uzalo but is rarely found and makes a child grow up faster than her age.

The mother of the baby left in shock and she was heartbreaking after she saw her baby looks like this way she doesn’t expect this but God is the creator who chosen the child to look in this way on this kind of rare condition.




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