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4 Ways To Know When Someone Is Tracking Your Phone



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 4 Ways To Know When Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

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Your family and friends could be tracking you. This is usually out of concern. Also, many parents monitor their children for safety reasons. Some bosses or colleagues could be tracking your location. Why? They might want to know if you are working where you should be. Also, they might be concerned about your loyalty.

Finally , a partner could be tracking your Phone. They may suspect you are cheating on them with someone else, perhaps. In some cases, it could be because they’re insecure and need to know where you are.

These are ways your phone can be tracked.

1. Someone could track your device at the network level. This could be your carrier or a hacker who has managed to infiltrate the network. Network-level tracking is impossible to detect

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2. Your phone can also be tracked via WiFi, especially if you’re prone to using public WiFi networks. There are also hacking devices like the IMSI catcher. They can intercept all the data being sent from or received on your phone.

3. If your phone has been infiltrated, it may begin to behave strangely. There could be constant slowdowns, for example. The phone could crash intermittently. It may light up and make strange noises even when not in use.

4. Tracking apps often disguise themselves as harmless games or entertainment apps. They are capable of not just tracking your location, but also monitoring your calls. If you hear strange noises and beeps during calls, it’s likely your phone is being monitored.

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