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21-Year Old Boy Exhumes Corpse of Woman and Raped Her Repeatedly



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Russia has recorded another weird case of man raping a corpse. This time, a 21-year old boy dug up the fresh corpse of a newly buried 39-year old woman and raped her repeatedly.
He was nabbed by the cementary attendants in the act. The police did an investigation on the incident and realised the woman’s corpse has been sexually brutalized.
According to, the appalling occurrence happened at Monchegorsk graveyard in Russia. The culprit has been arrested but the police is yet to make his name public. The man’s location has been named to be the neighbouring Arkhangelsk region.
A criminal case has been opened under an article of the Russian criminal code on desecration of the dead and their burial places. The maximum punishment under the law would be three months in prison, or a fine of up to £400.


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