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$10 Million Worth Mike Tyson Admitted to Spending Nearly $500000 on Marijuana Every Year



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Boxing legend Mike Tyson has been an advocate of marijuana for a long time. After the drug received legal status in the United States, The former heavyweight champion is often seen consuming it on his podcast and in other interviews.

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This led many to wonder exactly how much marijuana Iron Mike consumes on a regular basis. The fans got their answer back in 2019 when Tyson admitted he spent outrageous amounts of money on the drug. In an episode of his podcast, aptly named “Hotboxin’  Tyson asked co-host and former NFL player Eben Britton the amount they spend on marijuana. “What do we smoke a month? Is it $40,000 a month?” said Tyson. Britton then revealed that they smoked almost 10 tons a month on Tyson’s ranch.




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